The Collection

by FRÍO®

The Collection

Thanks to our exciting new range of design-led accessories, your FRÍO® wallet not only keeps medicines cool, it also looks cool too!

The Collection by FRÍO® features  inner crystal wallets in a colourful choice of chic designs created by our talented in-house design team.

Now you can style-up your FRÍO® for yourself or as a gift and embrace the colourful new world of The Collection by FRÍO®.

Protects Insulin

Keeping your medicine safe doesn’t have to compromise your style. That’s why we have launched our exclusive new collection of design-led FRÍO® wallets.

This is the ultimate capsule collection for those who embrace life and are proud to express themselves.

Choose a FRÍO® to suit your style and tweet us using hashtag #iAmFRIO

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Easy to Use

To activate the FRÍO® wallet immerse it in cold water for as little as 5 minutes. Crystals contained in the panels of the pouch absorb water and expand into a gel which remains cool for an incredible 45 hours – using evaporation for cooling. Then just towel dry and it’s ready to go!

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Keep Your Cool

A FRÍO® keeps in-use insulin within safe temperatures of 18-26°C (64.4-78.8°F) for a minimum of 45 hours, even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F). It lasts up to 5 times longer than an ice pack – don’t just take our word for it – read our customer comments page!

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Product Range

We make the widest range of medicine cooling products in the world – there is a FRÍO® for you!
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Find out how using a FRÍO® can give you freedom to get out and about every day.
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NB: Insulin must be at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature before being placed in the FRÍO®. Please check the manufacturer’s information leaflet for your specific medication.
FRÍO® is committed to providing a highly effective yet low-cost solution to the problem of keeping in-use insulin at a safe temperature for up to 28 days (One month is the life of in-use insulin).